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New E.H. Officiating Management System

This system is no longer being used for availability, fixtures and appointments.
It is only to be used for historical information.


Past Presidents

2010-14Richard Wood1982-87PH Jackson1930-52H Lakeman
2005-10James O'Hara1977-82AMS White1928-1930B Hay-Cooper
2000-05Margaret Hunnaball1972-77JN Pelkman1927-1928H T Kitchener
1997-00Colin Howard1969-72LF Durman1914-1917B Hay-Cooper
1995-97C Brine1966-69JHN Teasdale1912-1914G E Winter
1989-95Mick Martin1960-66MG Cowlishaw1906-1912A Frampton
1987-89Keith Rowe1952-60CTA Wilkinson

Life Vice Presidents

2013Bridget MidwinterMargaret Hunnaball
2010James O'HaraMick Martin
Brenda BradfordSheila Plant
Gill ClarkeVal Sassall
Peter HarmsRichard Wood
Colin Howard

Honorary Life Members

2018Phil Hook2013Karen DaffeyBarry Mackay
2018Matt Miles2012Frances BlockIan Marsh
2017Bob Chandler2011Dawn BonnerJon Nickerson
2016Allan Notman2009Debbie StarlingPaul Shackman
2016Kevin Burge2008Richard WoodDavid Wareham
2015Jim Patel MBE2006Louise KnipeNeville Wrench
2015Gordon WisemanLyn Kirby
2015David JamesSue Knight

Mason Award

For merit or progress in umpiring

2018Johnny Downer2001Andy Mair1984Ian Marsh
2017Lauren Mullett2000Tony Kelleher1983Colin Brine
2016Oliver Jones1999Roger Keats1982Martin Grimsdale
2015Simon Watkins1998Julia Gill1981Keith Rowe
2014Matt Miles1997Paul Shackman1980Nigel Grieve
2013Aaron Campbell1996Gary Stent1979Mick Martin
2012David Monger1995Tony Kelleher1978R Goulds
2011Mike Davidson1994Ian Moss1977Rick Beatty
2010Ady Green1993Alan Wooley1976Ian Brown
2009Lia Waine1992Andy Hoyes1975Geoff Blakeman
2008Ian Hay1991Steve Woodward1974Peter Brown
2007Martyn Shuttler1990B Sihra1973John Whitehead
2006Mark Everard1989Keith Merrin1972Alan Budd
2005Will Champness1988Richard Ford1971Paddy Selman
2004David Howell1987Rolf Horst1970M Knight
2003Sue Barker1986Peter Worrall1969Peter Jackson
2002Louise Knipe1985Laurie Allan1968Graham Nash

Tony White Award

Awarded to the 'up and coming' Umpire of the Year

2018Huw Richards2009Jack Harris2000Rob West
2017Tom Marks2008Daran Cass1999Daryl Sudworth
2016Daniel Stewart2007Christopher Chambers1998Alan Ross
2015Rebecca Woodcock2006Annika Midwinter1997Roger Keats
2014Kieran Jones2005Mark Gray1996Nigel Lumbard
2013Anthony Gamble2004Frances Block1995Neil Cliff
2012Rachel Williams2003Rob Graham1994Gary Stent
2011Campbell Reeman2002Steve Goodman1993Kevin Matthews
2010Annie Allum2001Sue Barker and Parmjit Sandhu1992Steve Cronin

Gill Linnell Award

For service to South Umpiring

2018Matt Miles2011Neville Wrench2004Gordon Wiseman
2017Lia Waine2010Rob Jenkins2003John Gawley
2016Ruth Busse2009Karen Daffey2002Barry Mackay
2015Rob Stamp2008David (Tex) Lane2001Richard Atkinson
2014Dawn Bonner2007Debbie Starling2000Fiona Pickering
2013Frankie Tierney and South Women League2006Bob Chandler
2012Allan Notman2005Mike Ward and The South League (Men)

Jon Nickerson Award

Coach of the Year

2018Kim Morris2010Andy Stalker
2017Rob Stamp2009Jane Binner
2016John Murphy2008Allan Notman
2015Alastair Clark2007Nigel Lander
2014Gary Stent2006Alastair Clark
2013Karen Essery2005Kevin Burge
2012David James2004John Gawley
2011Bridget Midwinter

Young Umpire of the Year Award

2018Holly Redpath2011Darren Hollis
2017Ryan Croxon2010Tim Whale
2016Dominic Tyler2009Tim Chipperfield
2015Alasdair West2008Lia Waine
2014Sebastian Gilbert2007Sean Edwards
2013Zoe Baker2006Paul Walker
2012Josh House

Steve Woodward Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the club (Men) which, in the opinion of all active SCHUA umpires, displays the highest standard of behaviour on the pitch coupled with hospitality and sociability after the game.

2017-18Winchester HC2008-09Winchester HC1999-00Fareham HC
2016-17Winchester HC2007-08Fareham HC1998-99Fareham HC
2015-16Havant HC2006-07Chichester HC1997-98Fareham HC
2014-15Trojans HC2005-06Lewes HC1996-97Fareham HC
2013-14Woking HC2004-05Fareham HC1995-96Fareham HC
2012-13Oxford Hawks HC2003-04Purley Walcountains HC1994-95Chichester HC
2011-12Oxford Hawks HC2002-03Beckenham HC1993-94Fareham HC
2010-11Oxford Hawks HC2001-02Wimbledon HC1992-93Oxford University HC
2009-10Staines HC2000-01Fareham HC

Sheila Plant Award

Awarded to the club (Women) which, in the opinion of all active SCHUA umpires, displays the highest standard of behaviour on the pitch coupled with hospitality and sociability after the game.

2017-18Basingstoke HC2010-11Wimbledon HC
2016-17Basingstoke HC2009-10Wimbledon HC
2015-16Banbury HC2008-09Buckingham HC
2014-15Staines HC2007-08Wanderers HC
2013-14Staines HC2006-07Tulse Hill and Dulwich HC
2012-13Banbury HC2005-06Tulse Hill and Dulwich HC
2011-12East Grinstead HC2004-05Staines HC

South Hockey League - Clubs' Umpire of the Year Award

2018Keith Duffy & Andy Mansfield
2017Julian Warburton
2016Daniel Stewart

South Clubs' Women's Hockey League - Clubs' Umpire of the Year Award

2018Lauren Mullett & Georgina Kenworthy-Brown
2017Mark Cranley
2016Mark Cranley

Indoor Umpire of the Year

2018Jason Holcombe
2017Lee McAvoy

Julia Gill Lifetime Achievement Award

2017Jim Patel MBE

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